Sports Shoes

Getting faster normally means you need to upgrade your kit. And for good runners, everything starts with the shoe.

Your running shoe needs to be perfectly suited to your running style. speed running shoes are tailored for different long-distance races.

But each one is influenced by the same principles, construction and technologies. Here’s a quick guide to what goes in to our speed running range…

The principles
Our range of speed running shoes is designed with 2 things in mind.

  • Ride

The overall construction of the shoe and how it feels when you run. Different designs affect the speed of your gait cycle transition and the position of your foot when it’s on the ground.

  • Weight

It takes a lot of energy to keep lifting your foot from the ground throughout a marathon. The low weight of our speed running shoes makes it a bit easier.

The construction
How our shoes are constructed is crucial to their performance. The way they’re put together is especially designed to help you go faster.

  • Midsole height

The midsole in our speed running shoes is lower to the ground. Your foot gets better feedback from the ground and that improves your energy transfer.

  • Heel gradient (pictured below)

It’s the difference in height between a shoe’s forefoot and rearfoot. A low heel gradient promotes faster foot movement and gives you a more dynamic running style.